I never had any problems with this location and I've been coming here for a very long time. The two ladies in the office were very professional and patient. With that said, there is one issue that I was upset with. And that is, I was not notified by mail, by phone, by text, or by smoke signals that the warranty on my hearing aids had expired. They notified me on the day I went to have my hearing aids serviced. Maybe payment plans could have been made before it expired. I don't know. And hopefully some people will wake up and notice there is a pandemic going on and people are having a hard time paying for their responsibilities.
Hernandez R, on Google
Friendly staff. Excellent at explaining how everything works!
Loretta, on Google
I had an issue with hearing aids i had bought overseas a couple years ago. Because of Covid, I could not get back to get them fixed. I called NewSound and told me they did not work on my brand, but offered for me to swing by and see if they could do something. Bruny went on to call the manufacturer and found out they were still under warranty. She shipped them and kept me inform through the all process which took about a week. Thanks to NewSound I now have perfect working hearing aids. I'm not a current customer, but Bruny went well beyond amazing customer service and they have for sure earn my future business. Thank you.
Jean Philippe Guy, on Google
I had an amazing experience at New Sound Hearing Centers. Ms. Dickinson was very professional and friendly. Dr. Diaz and Ms. Stich were very courteous and patient while walking me through the process of how to use and care for my new hearing aids. My new hearing aids allow me to hear sounds out of my right ear for the first time in 30 years! I am very grateful to Dr. Diaz and her wonderful staff.
Regina Colemon, on Google
The doctor and staff are great! Very helpful to my sister-in-law.
David Garcia, on Google

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