My first visit to the New Sound Hearing Center was in July of 2023. Rebecca conducted the hearing test, it was very thorough. Nassim reviewed the results and options with me so I understood everything completely. Both were very professional and easy to work with. I have gone back a couple of times for follow ups with Rebecca to make sure there are no issues with my ears adapting to the hearing aides. She is pleasant to work with and gives the new hearing aids a good cleaning. I have been very pleased with my decision to use New Sound Hearing.
Davis Parker, on Google
Nassim Diaz is always professional and helpful. It's unfortunate that the scheduler didn't set aside time for my hearing test to be done. Guess that might happen in March when my next appointment is set. We'll see if time scheduled then.
Peggy Schmidt, on Google
Absolutely outstanding. Mom is 103 and they treat her like a rock star. Nothing but praise for this location and her Dr's.
John Clark, on Google
Very professional, they cleaned my husbands ear wax out . Last hearing aid place told us to go to ent. Very pleased with service here .
norma chin, on Google

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